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Finger Light, Ultra Violet (UV)

Product Code: fl-s-uv-4

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Make UV Paint Glow Brightly with Ultra Violet (UV) Finger Lights

Make UV Paint Glow Brightly with Ultra Violet (UV) Finger Lights

Check out the UV Face/Body Paint we also supply, these fingerlights provide the glowing power for the paint and you can grab extra for your events to ensure all the paint glows well.

They are very similar to UV Black Lights, but nicely packaged in a fingerlight form. A dark purple light is produced which is the Ultra Violet light, making fluro objects glow in the dark. Point them at white shirts, teeth and the UV Body paint to see them glow in the dark.

Note: If you are looking for brighter UV Lights, checkout our UV Light Bulbs which you can use in a standard light fitting.

How to Use:

1. Pull the silicone strap over so it forms an oval underneath the fingerlight
2. Then slip the fingerlight onto your fingers using the silicone strap
3. Push the slider switch hard forward on the top of the fingerlight - and you're glowing!

Note: Due to the current fingerlights on the market sometimes experiencing failures, we ship a further 12 free fingerlights per 100 ordered to cover any problems you may have. Often there will be no failures and you will have extras for free. Also usually it is related to the battery connections, so you can generally get them to work by squeezing the rear of the fingerlight sides together, and/or turning them on and off multiple times. - We are currently working on bringing our own new and improved design of fingerlights to you which will eliminate this.

Additional Information

SKU fl-s-uv-4
Color No
Size No
Color type one colour per finger light
Dimensions 30mm*10mm
Order in Multiples 12
Type No
Number No