Glowsticks Ltd and Scouts Australia

An image of three Scouts squating down together at a camp site

The Scouts movement has always been hugely encouraging of the endless fun of outdoor activities in Australia, so naturally they call on Australia’s glow bro’s when they need glow sticks!

Glow sticks have a wide range of uses in the great outdoors and we’re Australia’s HQ for inspiration and ideas when it comes to fun and (dare we say it) educational activities at night! Here’s just a few:

An image of glow sticks in bottles as path markers or as a game of glow-in-the-dark tenpin bowling!

Use thicker glow sticks (also called ‘Chemlights’) for:
– Map reading at night (orientation)
– As a backup tent torch for when those batteries die.
– Drop one glow stick into a bottle of water to create very bright path-markers.
– A great addition to your first aid kit in the event of a night-time accident.
– A potential distress signal to keep in your bag or take with you when bush-walking away from well-marked paths (every Aussie Scout should always carry one in their back pack).
– Put 6 glow sticks in 6 bottles of water to play night tenpin bowling.
– One or two glow sticks in an esky not only makes the ice look amazing – you can also see what you’re grabbing!
– Great for night fishing as a lure or to see in your tackle box.
– Glow sticks are a great option when you just need a bit of light and don’t want to ruin your ‘night vision’.
* Our thicker glow sticks are very versatile, as they take quite a bit of force to snap and activate, so will remain viable in your bag.   🙂

Use thinner glow sticks (the ones usually used as bracelets) for:
– Markers to place around your tent’s guy-ropes to prevent those bashed toes and tripping over!
– Bracelets or necklaces to easily keep track of your group or allocate colours for team activities.
– Take the bracelets off and use them for a game of ‘night-hookie’.
– Use them on the ground to play night Noughts & Crosses (tick-tac-toe).
– One glow bracelet makes a great hoop marker for your drink bottle or around the rim of your cup.
– One glow stick makes a nice gentle night-light for Cub Scout tents.
– Put one glow stick around your dog’s collar if he’s going camping with you too! Also see our epic LED dog collars if you really want your dog to own the night, every night…

An image of a dog wearing a glow-in-the-dark LED dog collar

The above ideas are just a few of the ways that glow sticks can come in very handy for Aussie Scouts, Cubs, Girl Guides, heavily-bearded hikers, woodland fugitives and anyone else who enjoys the great outdoors!

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An image of a glow stick ring toss game

Australian night sport, night races & glow runs

An image of competitors starting a 'glow run' race at night with their glow sticks.

The sports scene in Australia has always been diverse, but it’s the addition of night races and night sports such as ‘glow runs’, that has participants running to join the race.

When it comes to sports, the night has never been bright – it’s a hindrance to training times and competitive events. But fun events like colour runs saw Australian sports organisers reviewing existing events and looking for more fun ways to grow participation numbers and community fitness levels. And then there was light.

Hot on the heels of glow-wear becoming popular for night jogger safety, ‘glow runs’ became a ‘thing’ – as did night-time obstacle courses marked-out with LED & Thunder Stick poles, glowing assault course challenges and competitors decked-out with glow bracelets, glow sticks and other various glow-wear. These events have become a visual feast and therefore also a spectator sport, as runners in glowing body paint burst into vibrant colours as they pass under UV lights!
Needless to say, Aussie kids absolutely love it!

The New York Times recently published this article about night-surfing, which sounds like a truly existential experience. But one that we can’t see taking-off here in Australia due to the prevalence of sharks here!

A fantastic resource to keep on top of the various night running events and glow runs around Australia is this events calendar. If you’re promoting or know of a night-time sports event in Australia that you’d like us to share the details of, do feel free to get in touch!  🙂

An image of competitors in a 'glow run' race at night with their glow sticks. An image of a runner in a 'glow run' race at night wearing his glow sticks and LED lights. An image of competitors passing through a tunnel obstacle in a 'glow run' race at night with their glow sticks.

Australian event management trends for 2017

A photo of hands holding a glass jar magically glowing with what looks like mystical fairy dust made from glow stick fluid and glitter

Australian event trends are always fun to watch, though the real excitement comes when a market gap can be identified and exploited by event managers or party planners.
One exceptionally under-utilised approach to event planning is maximising a beautiful ambiance at night time. Evening events all too often have venues and table styling that underwhelm once the sun sets, when this should be the time to extract one more ‘wow’ from your event attendees or party guests!

Glow-in-the-dark product options for your events are widely varied – and not what they once were. Our products are now also used as subtle, tasteful touches to add some enchantment to an event. Yes, more intense glows are still used for kids and performers (such as finger lights and glow-wear), but now so are delicately glowing ice buckets, tables and walkways lined with EL wire, glowstick-filled balloons that magically glide atop swimming pools, and mason jars filled with glitter particles suspended in glowstick fluid – like fairy dust!

Yet so few events are taking advantage of such an easy visual win.
Let’s change that!

You can follow us on social media for lots of inspirational ideas (Instagram (@GlowsticksLtd), Facebook or Twitter), or check out our site’s product range. Our products are all exceptionally low-cost, so adding some glow magic to your events also attracts a considerable mark-up for you if you’re an event planner (like you needed one more reason to add some allure to the evening)!   😉

Enjoy these other ideas to help plan your event or party:

A photo of glow-in-the-dark event/party decorations hanging down like magical orbs of light

A night-time event/party photo of glow stick-filled balloons gliding enchantingly across a swimming pool's surface

A photo of a party event ice bucket with glowing ice once glow sticks have been added to it

Australian credit cards now accepted!

No longer will you need to checkout using PayPal with your credit card, simply enter your credit card details in our shopping cart and your payment will be processed instantly, making it even easier to order online!

We have recently released Credit Card Processing via NAB Transact for handling both Visa and Mastercard.  🙂

Glow Sticks for Commonwealth Bank Promotion

We are often approached by businesses both in Australia and New Zealand for branded, promotional glow products. In the past we have supplied glow products to numerous clubs and events, including the Summadayze festivals in which we supplied V Energy with promotional Super Thunder Sticks, Glow Bracelets and Necklaces.

Recently we worked with Commonwealth Bank to supply 6″ Glow Sticks printed with the Com Bank logo for a promotional event. They really liked what we provided and have since worked with us again on other promotional ventures.

If you’re looking for promotional glow sticks or other promotional glow-in-the-dark products in Australia or New Zealand, please be sure to get in contact with us! / NZ:

St Paul’s Glow event, New Zealand

We’ve just received a few photos from the excellent Christmas glow event at Vector Arena in Auckland.
The event was a huge success with over 9,000 attendees and raised over $30,000 for the KidsCan charity.

We supplied the event with a large number of 6″ Glow Sticks.
For more information on the glow event checkout:


MADesigns Illusions Speedpaint Competition, NZ

On April 18th MADesigns hosted a UV/Fluro Speedpainting competition at Rising Sun in Auckland.
With 12 artists, 12 models and over 220 attendees the event was packed.

We were lucky enough to be the sponsor for this event, providing our range of UV paints for the artists, as well as a range of other products for use / give-aways during the evening.

The winning design is shown below. More photos are available here: Illusions Photos on Facebook

Owen wins free pack of glow products!

Owen from Sydney is the first winner of our pack of free glow products for placing reviews to help other customers see what products work like and reviewing the quality of them. For simply placing a review following his purchase, he’s now won an over $20.00 pack of glow products!

We hope you enjoy Owen and thanks to all the other helpful reviews that were placed too. Your turn could be next month!